Charlie and Noah are dead.

I had to go through months of mourning. Maybe they will come back to life at some point, in a few years, through an ultimate creative resurrection. But for now, they no longer exist. I killed my split protagonist and her impossible lover!


In 2013, I made the endeavor to write my first fiction book. An exciting but difficult undertaking. I wanted to tell the story of my Tai Chi adventure in Yangshuo – that year I spent at Master Fu’s martial arts school learning and training Tai Chi six hours a day, six days a week, for nine months in a row. A life-changing experience which put an end to my self-destructive behavior and was a milestone for my personal mission as a Fearfighter and Storyteller. I wanted to share that page of my life, because I’m convinced it will inspire and empower many to take that one step and see the doors of a whole new range of possibilities opening, but I didn’t want to expose myself too much. Fiction entitles you to say, “This is not me; this never happened for real.” So I chose to hide behind fiction.

I went as far as the 170th page of my fiction book, only to realize that my storyline was not working. I wanted my protagonist Charlie to be a better version of me; I wanted to create choices for her that I didn’t have in real life; I wanted Noah to fall for her and then explain his reasons for choosing not to be with her. But I realize the voice of the story didn’t sound authentic. I can’t pretend this particular story – so close and dear to me, which shaped me into the person I am today – to be fiction.

I killed Charlie and Noah. It was excruciating pain, but it was for the best.

The work in progress I’d like to present you here is the story of finding inner peace in a martial arts school, told as a memoir. I’m the new protagonist of my book, and despite how scary it sounds to unveil my vulnerability, everything you’ll read here is true, authentic and sincere.

You will be able to follow my progress through regularupdates of the word count and insights into my creative process. I invite you to read, share, comment and get engaged. It will help me a lot to bring this project into completion as soon as possible!word count

This is the story of how I became a martial artist and how it changed my life.

Are you ready to be part of that fascinating journey of spirituality and creativity?

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