I am a fiction and nonfiction writer

I write because I’m a storyteller at heart.
I write because I want to tell the stories of the beautiful people whom I was lucky to come across.
I write because I have a message to pass on to those who are waiting to receive it.
I write because writing used to be my therapy to heal from self-loathing and severe depression.
I write because it helps me to have a better awareness of myself.
I write because it is a calling and I can’t bear not writing.

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Work in progress

Work in progress

I am an inspirational public speaker

I speak to spread enthusiasm and encourage positivity.
I speak to call the audience to choose courage and authenticity.
I speak to inspire people to take action and pursue their dreams.
I speak to show that if you know what you want and stay true to yourself, anything is possible.
I speak on a variety of motivational topics, covering issues such as identity, change management, confidence building, self-development, body-mind awareness, healthy lifestyle, creativity and more.

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I am a life coach

I coach people to face their fears, gain self-confidence and build their own meaningful life.
I coach people to do their best, while encouraging them to practice self-love.
I coach people to find life balance by changing their daily habits and mental patterns into healthy ones.
I coach people by using writing and martial arts as my main tools for a better self-awareness.
I also coach aspiring authors and guide them through the daunting yet rewarding journey of writing.

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Work in progress


Getting to the mind through the body

I am a martial artist

I practice Tai Chi because it took me from self-destruction to self-awareness.

I practice and teach Tai Chi because it is one of the best ways to find the right life balance.

I practice and teach Tai Chi because it is a fascinating way to change old patterns by working on the body.

I practice and teach Tai Chi because it is a beautiful and powerful tool to stay healthy, find relaxation and gain self-confidence.

I practice and teach Tai Chi because it is part of my mission to spread the philosophy of martial arts which values respect and humility.

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