Whether you are looking for help to unblock your creativity, tips for a better life balance, tools to gain self-confidence, new learning to connect with your inner self and create your own meaningful life, there is certainly an event for you to attend!


  • I teach group / private / corporate Tai Chi classes in Shanghai.


  • I organize group writing workshops in Shanghai, for aspiring writers to hone their craft.

All year long

  • I teach Creative and Therapeutic Writing Workshops in Shanghai.
  • I deliver speeches on a variety of topics inside and outside Shanghai.


For more information check my upcoming events below or get in touch.

I hope to have the chance to meet you in person in one of my upcoming events!

Shanghai – Taichi classes are back!

Date: Starting in March 2016 – Time TBC

Venue: Various. Public parks, residence clubs, indoors… we can basically practice Taichi anywhere!

My teaching style is defined by preciseness, dynamism and fun! I always keep my groups small so that my students get all the attention they deserve and enjoy the best learning conditions.

Taichi class Sep 2014

Taichi class Sep 2014_2