Thank you for taking me this far and welcome to share this new page!

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You have to start somewhere, right? It’s all about making that one first step… and walking on the path.

Ten years ago when I left France for China, I wanted to find my true self and finally be able to give full expression to it. What I didn’t know is that I would find several different identities, with the possibility to switch from one to the other, until I would eventually create my own unique identity.

It’s not so much about who you are, but who you want to become and what message you want to spread to the world and share with others.

Today, I’m excited to share my brand new website with you and introduce you to my new identity as a Writer – Speaker – Coach. This milestone is the result of the strong belief you’ve always had in me and which has been pushing me to do my best, follow my dreams and pursue my mission. Now it’s my turn to help and inspire people the way I got inspired by the love and support you gave me.

There are too many of you to mention everyone here. But I’d like to thank all of you who’ve made my life journey an amazing one.

Thank you to those who brightened my days with their smiles and beauty.
Those who shone a bit of light during my darkest moments.
Those who offered me a shelter when I was homeless.
Those who gave me hope when things got desperate.
Those who helped me get back to my feet after I fell and failed, over and over again.
Those who slapped me in the face to wake me up from that nightmare I had created myself.
Those who showed me the staircase and invited me to climb it.
Those who inspired me to be a better self and choose courage.
Those who encouraged me to keep believing, keep trying and keep going.

To all of you, THANK YOU.

The path is not over yet. It’s just the beginning. Welcome to discover, get inspired and share this new page of my personal journey and life mission!

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