Lucie Liu copy

“She was always able to patiently listen to me and to guide me”


Interesting, informative, educational, Christine’s book, Embarquement pour la Chine, takes us on a breath-taking adventure through time and lets us discover untold stories of Ancient Chinese culture. Apart from being an inspiring and motivated writer, Christine is the librarian of our school, but I got to know her better after one of her conferences about being torn between different cultures. She is a passionate and creative speaker. After listening to her captivating talk which resonated in me, I realized I wasn’t alone. She was then always able to patiently listen to me and to guide me – in writing or in life – as she has done for so many other listeners who attended her conferences or classes.

LUCIE LIU | French International School – Shanghai

Géraldine Lenain

“A book full of humanity”


The fascinating story of French adventurers in China, Embarquement pour la Chine brings to light the lives of forgotten heroes through extensive research and unique insights. A book full of humanity.

GERALDINE LENAIN | Christie’s Senior Vice President, International Head


Francis Nizet

“Christine Leang’s book is an essential work of history and scholarship.”


I read with delight the book of Christine Leang, Embarquement pour la Chine, which describes the lives and destinies of French people who were famous in their time, but most of them have been completely forgotten since then. These French figures, who discovered the Middle Kingdom between 1740 and 1950, are in a way the ancestors of the large French community living in China today. They were the pioneers of this special friendship between our two countries. Christine Leang’s book is an essential work of history and scholarship.

FRANCIS NIZET | Counsellor at the Assembly of French Citizens Abroad


Claude Jaeck

“The book, an instant success, is being translated in both English and Chinese and a reprint has already been decided.”


From the time I first met Christine, entrusting her the writing of Embarquement pour la Chine, she evolved to become a kind of ‘rock-star’ of public speaking.

I have had the good fortune to work with Christine on a book about the history of the French in China. It was an extremely pleasant journey that lasted for four years during which we met, discussed, lunched, dined, organised, interviewed, wrote, corrected, proof read to finally agree on a last draft and look for a publisher. The book was imagined as a fresco depicting the history of the French in the Middle Kingdom and accessible to a wider audience of readers. The book, an instant success, is being translated in both English and Chinese and a reprint has already been decided.

Christine is determined and disciplined in whatever she undertakes. As an author, and to give her book the best chances, she decided to go on a promotion roadshow around French Bookstores and French Communities in Asia. What followed was amazing! From humble beginnings, she progressively gained confidence to become the accomplished speaker we know her to be today. Perfectly mastering her subjects, she adds emotions and captivates her public with real life experiences and feelings which she manages to effectively share with the public. A conference or seminar with Christine never leaves you untouched. 

CLAUDE JAECK | Président of Société d’Histoire des Français de Chine