Tai Chi Addiction

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2 weeks that I am back in the city.

2 weeks ago, I said bye to Shi Ban Qiao village, to Master Fu’s school, to his team, to his son who grabbed my leg and exclaimed “I won’t forget you!” Leaving that place after staying for over a year, surrounded by so much kindness and peacefulness just broke my heart. That was the end of the Tai Chi retreat, but NOT the end of my Tai Chi adventure.

2 weeks that I am training every day, morning and evening most of the time. Since I’m back in crazy Shanghai, I haven’t missed a single day of practice. My new schedule allows me to train one to two hours per day only though. And I can feel that body and mind are not used to that new rhythm. They are craving badly for the usual 5 hours. That’s it, I’m addicted to Tai Chi. And I don’t plan to go on rehab.

I’m not used to training on my own either. Whenever I do, I feel lonely and nostalgic of the school. No more Tai Chi Brothers and Sisters to do the form with, no more Master to give me bruises just by pinching my arm, no more cute Coach to make fun of me because some of my moves are still a bit funny…

However, when my body starts to relax and to do all those funny postures, I feel all the benefits and the wellbeing gained from my retreat. I have reached the level when I’m able to feel the qi circulating through all my joints and ending at my fingertips. Then, it’s like a stream of warmth is wrapping my entire body. Although at the moment I have this feeling for only few seconds here and there, it really is amazing.

The reason why I became a Tai Chi fanatic so quickly was the perfect combination of physical and spiritual training that I found in it. Tai Chi teaches you how to acquire energy without tension, strength without hardness, vitality without nervousness, and above all, to achieve mental tranquility. This is not the tranquility of inaction like the one as in going to sleep. It is calmness within moving, moving within calmness. By finding this body and mind balance, it becomes easier to adjust oneself to meet the various changes of one’s environment.

I guess this is why I’m Tai Chi-obsessed at the moment… Trying desperately to adjust to my old/new environment…

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