After my first book Embarquement pour la Chine was published in September 2013, I was invited to give talks in Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, among other locations. Thanks to these opportunities to talk in front of diverse audiences, I discovered that written words weren’t the only tool to widespread my messages. The art of storytelling in public speaking is a powerful way to inspire others.

Twenty conferences later, my public appearances are no longer presentations of my book only. I now speak to motivate people to take actions towards their goals, to build their new identities and create more meaningful lives. I always bring my true self onto the stage and inspire the audience to embrace their own authenticity and vulnerability too.

Identity, change management, confidence building, self-awareness, writing and creativity are among the topics that I cover in my speeches.

Check out my upcoming talks and join me for a thrilling moment of inspiration!

La Ruche Monthly Talk

Date: March 11th 2015 at 7.30pm.

Venue: Cafe Sambal, Jiashan Market, 259 Jiashan Rd, Shaoxing Rd, Shanghai.

La Ruche is a social network gathering French-speaking professional women in Shanghai. Every month, La Ruche invites a successful woman as a guest speaker to share her experience, life journey and best practices to inspire the other members of the group.