On my way to becoming a tai chi master

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In a few hours, I will be heading to Pudong airport to catch my flight to Guilin. There, a taxi will be waiting for me and drive me to the Tai Chi and Kungfu school in Yangshuo. A 7-hour trip before I find back the magic of that piece of heaven. Master Fu personally organized my pick-up, because I wanted to surprise the Boys (the Tai Chi instructors). They don’t know yet that I’m going back.

I’m about to say goodbye to Shanghai, the City who adopted me six years ago. The place where I’ve lived so many different lives. After being Student Christine, Intern Christine, Nightlife Christine, Corporate Christine, Chief Editor Christine, Writer Christine, I’m now on my way to becoming Kungfu Christine… Looking back, it feels weird but great at the same time that I was given the opportunity to do so many things. Looking ahead, thinking that I’ll be back at the school tonight, it feels like going back home after a very long time. Nostalgia, excitement, nervousness, all these emotions at the same time. But above all, gratefulness for all the passed beautiful moments, and those to come.

Life is full of surprises. Who could have thought six months ago that I would be where I am now?  Who can predict where we all will be six months from now? Nobody. But I believe in those forces which work to bring us the best things and to show us the way.

* The word “Master” here is definitely too strong. I don’t have the pretention to think that I’ll reach this level after only a few months of training. But you got the idea.

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