Money comes and goes, but moments in life just happen once

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The title of this post is one of my favorite quotes. And its author, my biggest hero: my dad.             

October 2010: I set foot in the Yangshuo Tai Chi and Kungfu School for the first time ever. I was supposed to just ask for directions. Instead, I stay for a week, extend my trip, change my flight ticket.

January 2011: Coming back to the Tai Chi School for the second time. After a month of training, when comes the day to fly back to an unpromising future in Shanghai, I have this gut feeling which tells me that I shouldn’t leave. It’s quite an uncomfortable sensation, having to make a decision which involves a certain amount of money when I’m already in a critical financial situation.  But the call is too loud. I choose to stay and give up on my return flight ticket. This will change my life.

October 2012: Time has passed and having spent around a year at Master Fu’s school, I have gone back to Shanghai to make money before I go in the red. But in October 2012, I come back to the Tai Chi School to freshen up my practice. This time, after few days, I just can’t stand being there for some reason. My soul has to be in Shanghai. I decide to fly back earlier than planned. Again, I give up on my return ticket.

December 2012: Instead of enjoying a heavenly vacation in Bali which I’ve booked much in advance, I chose to fly to France to mourn. Another ticket lost.

May 6th, 2013: Having spent 10 days at the Tai Chi School, I’m supposed to fly back to Shanghai in the evening to fulfill my professional and social duty in the upcoming days. But that gut feeling is back… again. I don’t want to leave the school. I shouldn’t leave.  I CAN’T leave. Within an hour, I make several phone calls and manage to sort out the professional matter. I sit down, take a deep breath and can have a proper chat with my Inner Self:

‘Was it worth all the trouble and money (giving up on a return ticket AGAIN!!)?’ I ask him.

‘Remember what your dad taught you?’ my Inner Self replies.

‘Money comes and goes. But moments in life and opportunities just happen once.’

Yes I remember and yes it is worth all the trouble and every yuan of it.

It’s not a waste of money if the expenditure is for you to change the course of things and be able to say one day, ‘I have no regret’.

I also like the idea that the plane took off so many times without me and that the passenger who was supposed to be my neighbor on board gets to enjoy more space for himself

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