Master fu, my master… And much more than that

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Yesterday, while having a crazy crazy day at work, with all kinds of issues driving me nuts, Master Fu came to my rescue. My phone rang and I saw it was him. It doesn’t happen often that Master Fu calls my mobile. Especially since I’ve left his school, two months ago.  So I grabbed my phone, anxious, excited, and I answered, “Fu Lao Shi, ni hao!”

Master Fu was at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, on a transit, and he was just calling to say hi and check on me. He said he was sorry he couldn’t make time to see me, but being in Shanghai, he couldn’t help but wondering how I was doing in that crazy city.

I told him that I was doing fine, that there are days when I’m drowning myself so much into work that I almost forget where I live. But on overall, things are great, because I was lucky enough to find a company where people really care (about doing a good job, and about each other). I also told Master Fu how I’m struggling to keep up with my daily Tai Chi practice, that unfortunately I can feel my form is regressing already.

Master Fu was all supportive, not pointing at anything that I should or should not do. He just said, “I’m glad you’re doing well and that’s great you’re trying to practice every day. But don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just enjoy Tai Chi and there’ll be a time in the future when you’ll be able to focus on the training again.” So simple, but so comforting.

Also, when I told Master Fu about the ‘incident’ with one of the students, a sad misunderstanding that may affect the school’s good reputation, I was impressed by his reaction. He said, “Don’t be upset (I actually was, he could tell by the intonation of my voice). People are different and everybody has its own way to look at things.” 

Master Fu is that impressive man, not only because he is an incredibly skillful Tai Chi master and teacher, but also because he is probably the most open-minded man I’ve ever met, given that he didn’t have so many chances to open up to the world, knowing his humble background.

I’ve learnt from Master Fu (and of course, let’s not forget his Boys) to “open my body, and open, looooonger!” But what I’ve also learnt, is to open my mind, and let my thoughts go fuuuuurther!


Thank you, Master Fu.

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