You’re looking for a way to exercise while connect with your inner self.

Martial arts improve physical health, reaction and self-confidence, and open the doors to a whole life philosophy. Tai Chi is a fascinating martial practice that combines slow and fast movements and works on both the body and the mind. A regular practice of Tai Chi improves coordination and posture, strengthens the internal energy, and helps you find mind relaxation. Tai Chi is about finding balance in everything you do.



Tai Chi group or private classes

Discipline, balance, self-awareness and inner strength are the skills that Tai Chi taught me and what I pass on to my students. My teaching style is defined by preciseness, dynamism and fun! I always keep my groups small so that my students get all the attention they deserve and enjoy the best learning conditions.


Tai Chi corporate workshops & team buildings

For corporate and team buildings needs, I select and teach movements that help find physical and mental balance, and better manage daily professional stress. I also introduce “pushing hands”, a Tai Chi exercise practiced by two people, as an original way to improve the attention one pays to the other, by attuning one’s energy to the other’s reaction. An hour of Tai Chi within a team is a moment of focus and relaxation, as well as an opportunity to learn and build a stronger team spirit.


Tai Chi & Kung Fu for kids

I also teach martial arts to children from the age of 2 years old and over. By moving almost every part of the body and using the mind to control it, the kids build their own body awareness. They are taught movements that can be easily learned and that develop their ability to stay calm and focused. As a result of the practice of martial arts, the children improve their balance and flexibility, and feel relaxed.

Learning Tai Chi and Kung Fu is a fun and original way for kids to stay fit, healthy, and build their confidence and self-esteem.

I teach in English, French and Chinese.

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