Home sweet home

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Yesterday, after what seemed an endless trip, I finally set foot again in Yangshuo.

It was raining and still a bit cold, but when the taxi drove into the Tai Chi school, and I saw all the Boys gathering in the courtyard, getting ready to welcome who they thought was the “new” student, my heart warmed up right away. My god, I was so happily nervous I was about to faint.

Just seeing the astonishment and the smile on everybody’s face was worth flying all the way from Shanghai.

The chef made me the honor to show me what he just learnt at a Western Cooking class, by cooking French crepes (or rather a very unique version of them, filled with sugar and ketchup!) for dinner.

Fu Wei Qin, Master Fu’s 7-year old niece, was around me while I was eating my improbable French dinner. She kept herself busy brushing my hair and massaging my shoulders, while asking all kinds of indiscrete questions… Children and their natural spontaneity!

Within minutes, I felt back home. Even though it felt unreal too. I’m still a bit speechless right now because it’s hard to describe the feeling of being back to what is such an importance place in my heart.

I’m now about to go down for my first breakfast and Tai Chi class. Can’t wait to start this new day, to find back all those kind and familiar faces and, of course, the feeling of deep inner peace.

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