Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey!

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As the Chinese New Year just started with no firecrackers this year (due to the Shanghai Municipality regulations), but a sudden temperature rise joyfully making you hot, the Fire Monkey is here and is calling for action!

Being born in 1980, I am a Monkey according to Chinese zodiacs. Like most people, I never really believed in astrology, but sometimes find myself reading horoscopes out of curiosity. As a Writer, I’m more interested in the quality of unspecificity of the author of the horoscope, or how he or she uses words to make sentences that state unquestionable truths (i.e. generalities that say nothing and everything at the same time).
But 2016 is the year of the Monkey and is therefore my year. I’m hanging on to the idea that this should be a great year!

“You benefit from the strong, fiery, yang energy of your own year. An excellent time to start new endeavors, succeed in business, and make big change happen. Seek new horizons through travel and adventure this year. Fire Monkey year is not a yin cycle when things come to you, but a yang cycle to go out and get!” says astrologer Susan Levitt.

Big changes will surely be coming along in 2016, but for now, I am enthusiastically getting ready to start a new season of Taichi classes and Writing workshops. Stay tuned for more info!

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