First day back

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My first few hours at the school today felt unreal. I can’t explain that twofold feeling: it’s like I was here ages ago (although last time was only two months ago) and at the same time, as if I had never left.

The morning class starts. We do the 74 form, traditionally called 老架一路Lao Jia Yi Lu, a sequence which last 15 minutes or so to perform, and which took me one whole month and 120 hours of training to memorize. During the time I was in Shanghai, I kept practicing this form every morning on my own. And I felt good about my level. I thought I had improved… until this morning when I practiced with everyone. OMG, I still have so many things to correct and improve! The diagnosis comes from the mouth of Lao Wu, senior coach: “What have you been doing during these two months in Shanghai?! You’ve lost your Tai Chi!” Hearing these words, I’m not depressed but I realize how long the way is…

During the afternoon class, I’m finally allowed to start learning the sword form. Last time, I was in total awe when I saw the instructors and experienced students using that weapon to draw clouds in the air. Will I be able to do the same in a few weeks? With hard work, I’ll probably get close to it. Although I must say that after this first day, after only five hours of training, my shoulders and legs are already sore.

But it doesn’t really matter. Everything seems to be just perfect… At the end of this first day, I still feel like I’m living in a dream. In fact, I realize that I’m actually living a dream…

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