Farewell Shanghai

Farewell, Shanghai…

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Five days ago I put an end to my lifelong love affair: I bade farewell to Shanghai!
I came to Shanghai as an innocent student; I left as a self-accomplished woman.
It is still hard to speak about this incredible 12-year journey and all the things I am grateful for.
What’s unquestionable is Shanghai will always feel like my “true home” and will probably stay my benchmark city for many years.

From the deepest core of my heart, Shanghai, I thank you for everything you put on my path: the people, the opportunities, the challenges. All of these little rocks made my journey invaluable and shaped me into the Fearfighter I am today.


“Ode to Shanghai”

Shanghai, your concrete is harsh
I fell down face first
I sharpened my bones
I watered your soil
With my sweat my tears
I blamed you, I worshiped you
I wanted to drink every drop of your soul
They say you are dark grey dirty
I say they are ungrateful, greedy
Oh their ungratefulness
You are sharp and have no mercy
That’s for the best
Things get desperate, you still make sense
No matter what no matter what
You’re under my skin
You are my blood
You taught me to fight
You’re my guiding light
I am crying, I am breaking
I am drinking the last drops
And my heart is full
As I’m leaving

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