The End of a Writing Drought

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In this precise minute, while writing to you, I find myself happily buried under piles of paper (or their electronic equivalent: dozens of computer files).

The long and frustrating wintery period of getting sick on and off, a mocking reminder to accept my limits, finally seems about to expire. Spring is slowly coming back, so is my vital energy.

While most people here in China are busy lighting up firecrackers to celebrate the New Year of the Goat, I’ve spent the whole day kindling another kind of flame. Getting back to work before everybody else… back to my writing and crafting my next book!

This morning, after my usual breakfast indulgence, full of energy and motivation, I turned on my laptop, looked for the folder “Memoir – Work-in-progress”, and discovered that I had abandoned for several months dozens of quickly drafted and unfinished scenes or chapters, hundreds of sadly neglected sentences and words…
After seven full hours of sorting out, deleting, adding, organizing, brainstorming, to the point of coming close to the dangerous stage of the migraine, this is the result I got:

  • A complete and detailed storyline, from the opening scene to the climax and resolution
  • A plot in three acts, with a total of 64 scenes
  • 41 pages of unedited typed words for Act 1, 127 pages for Act 2, and 26 pages for Act 3
  • Which means a total of 70,289 rough words so far.

Why am I bothering you and myself with meaningless figures and facts that are doomed to change at least a hundred more times anyways?
Because I’m trying one of those common tips which consists in setting up a personal accountability to improve my writing productivity. And by telling you about it, by committing to somebody else, there should be an even greater outcome – hopefully.

However positive the result will be, I’ve always enjoyed the process of decluttering. It was worth spending this day doing that weeding job.

If you want a fresh start or more clarity in your life, declutter the old and make space for the new.

The weather forecast announces heavy rain for the next coming days. This should put an end to my latest writing drought.

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