You’ve had this story in mind for some time and the idea of making it a book keeps bugging you, but for some reason you never got to start (or finish) writing it.

Writing is not only a creative process. It is also one of the most direct routes to your unconscious mind, an unusual but powerful way to review emotions from a different angle, unlock mental patterns and heal from past wounds.


Full-day workshops

The workshops are orgazined in a whole day of writing prompts, exercises and learning shared with a limited number of participants to guarantee the quality of the teaching.

I guide the aspiring writers through the different aspects of the writing process: from unblocking creativity to building one’s habit of writing and gaining self confidence, while teaching specific techniques and tools to structure a piece of work or give direction to a writing project.

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Weekend retreats

I organize weekend retreats outside the city during which I teach creative writing techniques, as well as mindfulness practices, to peel off the external layers that block us creatively and build new habits.

Daily workshops, guided writing sessions and free time for personal writing projects or relaxing are scheduled in the two days of the weekend.

No specific level is required to attend the retreats.



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