Combat sports vs Martial Arts

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The summer workout madness continues and today I went to my first boxing class (since a very long time). I was quite curious to see how good a physical foundation and awareness Tai Chi has built for me, and how I would feel trying a different kind of sports.

Like Yoga presents similarities with Tai Chi, Boxing shares common aspects with Tai Chi too. After all, both combat sports and martial arts are meant to be used in fights. Today’s class at Golden Gloves was nonetheless more about the workout than getting into the ring and breaking noses. This doesn’t mean it was less painful! However, it was quite comforting to see once again that I was neither the first one to be out of breathe, nor the last one to finish the twenty push-ups (thank you Tai Chi! thank you my wonderful Master and teachers!).

The last part of the training reminded me of a common thing we do in Tai Chi: practice the same move at different speeds. This is how it works: First, hit the punching bag with as much power as possible, stepping forward and backwards, turning waist when hitting. For 30 seconds. Second, no stepping, no power, just stand in front of the punching bag and hit it as fast as possible. 30 seconds. Third, hit the punching bag and lift your knees as high as possible at the same time. Another 30 seconds. And we go 3 rounds of these 3 steps, which feel like eternity. When Chris, our instructor, at Round 3 – Step 2, accelerated the rhythm for me by drumming onto my bag in a tyrannical beat, I felt like rage was about to tear my chest open. “AAAAAARRRRGH!” I think poor Chris almost went deaf. Damn, that was hardcore!… but so good!

At the end of the session, I signed up for 10-class membership. Let’s see how it goes as the summer unfolds and how this new workout interacts with my Tai Chi practice.

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