Choose Tai Chi and Gain Control over your Mind

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Winter 2010. Four years ago, when I decided to stay with Master Fu Neng Bin and learn Tai Chi, what I chose was not only to dedicate myself to learning this internal martial art; it was also, and above all, to learn diligence, discipline and flexibility.

“Mastering Kungfu and understanding its principles take much more than what meets the eye.”

In this captivating documentary, Master Long Fei Yang explains what internal martial arts are, and what it takes to become a martial artist.

By combining soft movements with mental training, internal martial arts like Tai Chi teach you how to control the qi, the vital energy, how to combine the mind and the body, and how to relax. By putting a lot of emphasis on the foundation, you become more grounded, more balanced. You gain mental clarity and start feeling stronger.

This process leads to a lot of tremendous changes in the body and the mind. Practicing Tai Chi is particularly recommended in a fast-paced city like Shanghai, where everybody is rushing around and is under so much pressure.

Winter 2014. As I have become a Tai Chi coach myself, I now help spread the benefits this internal martial art to others by teaching in Shanghai.

To learn more about fascinating practice and book me for a Tai Chi lesson, get in touch with me!

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