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After only 4 days of training, Kungfu Christine is experiencing the “body breakdown” which usually happens during the first week. I forget every time how it feels to get back to that intensive rhythm of 5 to 6 hours of training per day. Today, I was in pain just sitting there holding my cup. No energy to walk, to stand, to move or to do anything. Even thinking felt excruciatingly tiring.

I decided to have a lazy day and to stay in my bedroom, safe from the mosquitoes’ attack. 14 bites within a day. After fighting the cold last time, now here comes the time to fight those little flying bastards!

In the afternoon, I called for a massage. Poor girl… After 2 hours of trying to relieve the tension of my body, the masseuse seemed even more exhausted than I am.

I feel like I’m almost dead. It’s an overall extreme tiredness. Like the one you usually experience when you just caught a cold and are about to go through all the symptoms of the sickness. Or maybe – hopefully – it’s part of the process of Tai Chi doing its job, which is to “cleanse” the body by unblocking all the joints and let the internal energy connect and circulate again. Like it did during my first stay in October.  We’ll see. I’ll let you know tomorrow.

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